It’s Wedding Season in North America and many couples are not only hoping to make their wedding day the most memorable and magical day of their lives, but also scrambling to make last minute adjustments and preparations for such an important event to go perfectly. So we at Alma Latina wanted to give you some pointers— especially if Latin culture would add that extra special touch to your nuptials— to make your special moment even more unforgettable. And what better way than to add that extra something than with music? When it comes to wedding songs this summer, I can almost guarantee that John Legend, Bruno Mars, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran will be front and centre at many a wedding this year. So to set you apart from the pack, and because maybe one of you or both are Latinos, maybe you met (or got engaged) at a Spanish-speaking location or maybe it was Spanish music that brought you two together, you might want to choose a romantic Spanish tune to be your wedding song. Heck, maybe you just simply like those beautiful Spanish songs. After all, it is not a coincidence that Spanish is one of the five “Romance Languages”. And Spanish is the most romantic of them all, right?

I have to admit, I wish Ed Sheeran and “Talking Our Loud” had been available as a wedding song selection when I got married…that is such a beautiful song. But Spanish-speaking people have a stronghold on romantic music. There are hundreds of beautiful and meaningful ballads that could make your wedding one to remember, not just for you but for all of your guests, even if they don’t speak Spanish. And here are just a few of the most popular and most romantic songs of all time that would fit just perfectly at any wedding.

1) Somos Novios (Andrea Bocelli) featuring Christina Aguilera 

Loosely translated as “We are a couple”, is one of the most romantic songs in the Spanish language, performed beautifully here by Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli and Christina Aguilera (whose father is actually from Ecuador).This particular Bocelli performance is one of a series of romantic ballads featured in his album “Amore” or “Love”, which should actually give you many more choices, if you want Andrea Bocelli to be a part of your special day. This song was originally performed just as beautifully by Mexican singing legend Armando Manzanero. It has also been performed by Mexican crooner Luis Miguel, who included it in his very successful series of romantic ballad albums “Romances”. Any of these versions will be just as memorable and moving when you and your better half are dancing to it as a newly wedded couple. 

2) Amarte es un Placer (Luis Miguel)

And speaking of Luis Miguel, you will not find a more romantic Spanish-speaking singer, with a voice that has mesmerized thousands of fans (women and men alike) for decades now. He’s also not bad to look at…not bad at all. But back to his music. “Amarte es un Placer”, “To Love You is my Pleasure”, is one of those songs that you can get lost into, especially when dancing in the arms of the man (or woman) you love. And with Luis Miguel his catalogue of music– especially beautiful ballads– is so extensive (each song more beautiful than the next) that if this is not the song for you, there’s a very good chance one of his many other hits will be. And for a shorter list, you can always check out any song in his highly successful “Romance” albums.

3) Bailar Pegados (Sergio Dalma)

If this is not the perfect Wedding Song, I don’t know what is. Literally translating to “dancing glued together”, this is a song literally about a couple dancing in a tight, warm embrace. This song became an overnight hit when Dalma was chosen to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest, in which he came in fourth place, but this song garnered him international recognition. And it’s just as sweet and romantic today as it was in 1991, when it was first released.

4) Te Amaré (Miguel Bosé)

This song could easily replace wedding vows, as it lists all the ways a very young looking Miguel Bosé, the super well known Spanish singer, promises to love and cherish the woman he loves, in the aptly titled song “I  Will Love You”. I mean, how can you argue with lyrics like these?
“With the peace of the mountains, I will love you. In madness and in balance, I will love you.
With the fury of my years, just the way you taught me to do it, with a raw cry, I will love you.
In silence and in secret, I will love you. Risking all that is forbidden, I will love you.
In falsehood and in truth, I will love you.
With my heart wide open, knowing you’re not perfect, I will love you.”

5) Te Amo (Franco de Vita)

Once again, it’s all about the lyrics. “Te Amo” or simply “I Love You” is a single from Venezuelan Franco de Vita’s probably most successful album, 2006’s “Mil y Una Historias” (A Thousand and One Stories). “I loved you from the moment I saw you. I’ve been looking for your for a long time and you’re just the way I imagined you to be.” Deep sigh. So romantic.

6) Por ti me Casaré (Eros Ramazzotti)

Italian singer/songwriter Eros Ramazzotti has written probably “THE” ultimate wedding song. I mean, it’s called “I’ll Get Married Because of You”. Of course, Eros himself, according to the song, hasn’t found yet the woman he’s singing the song to. This is mostly a list of “Must haves”. But lucky for you, if you’re choosing this song, you’ve already found The One.

7) Amor del Bueno (Reyli Barba)

For a more modern touch, with a little bit of rock in it, here’s Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, singer/songwriter Reyli Barba with A Good Kind of Love.

8) Que me Alcance la Vida (Sin Bandera)

As if this song is not musically beautiful enough, the words are what makes this Sin Bandera song, loosely translated to “Make my Life Long Enough”, that much more special. “So many moments of happiness, so much clarity, so much fantasy. So much passion, so much imagination and so much love to give till the day comes. So many ways of saying ‘I love you’, what you give me seems out of this world. Every desire you guess, every time you laugh, you break my routine. And the patience you have when you listen to me, and the conviction you always fight with. You complete me, you set me free. If I were born again I want to be with you. I pray to God to make my life long enough and to give me time to give you back even a little of the greatness you give to me. I pray to God to make my life long enough to tell you everything I feel thanks to your love.”

9) Tan Enamorados (Ricardo Montaner)

For a while there Venezuelan crooner Ricardo Montaner had a monopoly on romantic ballads, so his inventory in this department is quite extensive. “Tan Enamorados” or “So In Love” is just one of many, but one of the most beautiful and a favourite amongst Spanish-speaking audiences.

10) Experiencia Religiosa (Enrique Iglesias)

Although not the best Enrique song, this is a good excuse (if you’re an Enrique fan) to have him be part of your special day. That is, unless you want your special song to be “Bailando” or “But Tonight I’m Loving You” (or the other word he uses when he performs that song live). Plus this is one Enrique slow song you can dance to very close together with the man/woman you love. Plus Enrique 😉

11) Por Amarte Asi (Cristian Castro featuring Ana Isabelle)

Cristian Castro is another one of those artists who has had an amazing staying power over the years. His amazing voice (and range) and his dashing good looks have made him a favourite amongst Spanish-speaking audiences. With a bad boy reputation, he has somehow held a stronghold throughout his career on the romantic ballad department, so there’s a lot to choose from when it comes to romantic, emotive and wedding-appropriate songs and “Por Amarte Asi” is just one of many that can be a part of any wedding day.

12) El Amor (José Luis Perales)

This one is a classic and it has probably been playing at Hispanic weddings for decades. José Luis Perales attempts to explain, in a profound romantic song, what love is. He comes quite close to achieving his goal. “Love…Is a drop of water in a glass, it’s a long walk without talking, it’s a fruit for two. Love…is a space where there is no place for anything else other than love, it’s something between you…and I. Love is to mourn when we say goodbye. Love is dreaming while listening to a song. Love is to kiss by giving your heart. Love is for you to forgive me and for me to understand you.”

13) Hoy Tengo Ganas de Ti (Christina Aguilera/Alejandro Fernández)

This one’s an original Miguel Gallardo creation. He made this song a hit in 1976 and it is just as moving when Gallardo sings it, but come on: Alejandro and Christina? That’s a vocal match made in heaven.

14) Volvi a Nacer, Quiero Casarme Contigo (Carlos Vives)

This Carlos Vives is an actual wedding song and it is one where you can catch a good romantic and appropriate wedding message and also dance some cumbia to it. “It was because of your love that I was born again. I want to marry you, stay forever by your side, be blessed by your love, leave my past behind, for you to come with me and die in your arms, my sweet love,” says the handsome Colombian cumbia singer.

15) Hasta que te conocí (Maná)

Maná and romantic wedding ballads, you’ll ask? Why, yes. This song, however, is a cover of Mexican icon Juan Gabriel’s original song. It just sounds so beautiful in Fher’s voice. Not that it sounds bad when performed by Juan Gabriel. Either version would be a hit with wedding guests and an never-to-be-forgotten moment for the love birds.

And there you have it: this is only a small sample of the vast and rich legacy of the Spanish language romantic ballads. Pick any of these songs or even any of these artists and chances are any of their songs could easily make the cut and make that super special day (and moment) the most amazing and magical one on your wedding day.