Nothing feels more like summer than going on a drive with the windows down— especially in the scorching hot Canada Day long weekend coming up— while uplifting Latin music is playing through the speakers of your car. For those of you looking for songs to add to your summer playlists, or in case there’s anyone who wants to introduce more catchy Spanish songs into their lifestyle, we have put together a list of the top 10 Latin songs for summer 2018. This list is suited for those with any genre preference, as it has a little bit of everything. Enjoy!

Calypso by Luis Fonsi, Steffon Don

No summer playlist is really complete without Luis Fonsi, is it? Last year he blessed us with Despacito featuring Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber, which became almost everyone’s summer anthem. He’s back this summer with the Caribbean-reggaeton-dancehall infused “Calypso”, featuring British rapping sensation Stefflon Don, which we can see climbing charts fast with its upbeat music and enthusiastic vibe!

X by Nicky Jam, J Balvin

A favourite of Will Smith’s (check out his shoutout to the song here), this long-awaited collaboration between two reggaeton and pop music giants of the Latin music world didn’t disappoint. With an initially slow beat that steadily builds, Nicky Jam and J Balvin’s song is perfect for long drives with your friends when you’d all much rather casually dance in your seats than talk. Perfect for the summer, or, let’s be real, any time of the year when you just want to dance.

Marinero by Maluma

And for those moments when you get tired of all the dancing you’ve been doing with this playlist, and you want to relax and take it easy for a minute, you can listen to the soft and melodic sound of a rare Maluma ballad. Imagine a drink in your hand while your sit back, relax and get lost in Maluma’s steady beat and smooth voice. Welcome to summer 2018.

Malamente by ROSALÍA

Let’s take a step back from the typical beats associated with Latin party music and dive into the smooth waters of ROSALÍA’s voice. The soft and steady rhythm of this song combined with her beautiful, flowy voice is the perfect summer track for when you’re out with your girls and want to set the mood for a drive. The controversial Spanish (born in Barcelona) songstress fuses magically trap sounds with flamenco accents to create a sound that is very much hers from start to finish. Be ready to hear a lot more from this young and talented newcomer onto the Spanish-language music scene.

Pa Dentro by Juanes

Another fire dance track anyone? Juanes takes you to another place when you close your eyes and listen to Pa Dentro. Many of you enjoyed tracks from his latest offering, 2017’s “Mis Planes Son Amarte”. This year the multifaceted Colombian superstar brings us his new single, giving us a little taste of what’s to come, maybe? But while we eagerly await for that, we may as well continue to envision a summer night out in a club with friends as we dance the night away to the smooth voice and rhythm of this sultry song.

Mi Cama by Karol G

Anitta’s collaboration with J Balvin, “Downtown” set a more risqué tone for the females of reggaeton, and Karol G, the Colombian singer/songwriter (who visited Toronto recently) and one of the better known representatives of the Latin urban genre, continues the trend with the smash hit “Mi Cama”. “This is a song to dance to”, she has said cheekily about the song. And while the saucy and playful lyrics may allude to a different tone, it’s also a really catchy tune to dance to.

Consejo de Amor by TINI, Morat

This song starts off slow with an entrancing guitar playing in the background and then picks up with a chorus of voices and instruments. Picture the perfect song to listen to while you’re sitting in the passenger seat beside someone close to you, the windows down and your hand sticking out feeling the wind against your fingers. It’s an invincible feeling! The fun, foot-tapping collaboration between the Colombian folk-pop group Morat and argentinian songstress Tini Stoessel is quickly catching on, with almost 5 million views on YouTube since its release last week. And it’s sure to catch on amongst music-loving Alma Latina readers as well.

Mamita by CNCO

Hope you didn’t think we were done with the dance party songs! And what says summer dance party better than a Spanish boyband? Grab someone you love on a breezy summer night and dance your fears out with this entrancing dance track. Get lost in their beautiful voices and forget your troubles.

Amor Foda by Bad Bunny

The king of collaborations went solo for this one. And is it irony that he released this video about hearbreak and pain for a love lost on Valentine’s Day? We’re including it here because as much as summer can be a time for playfulness, dancing and sunny shenanigans, it’s also good to slow down and reflect on love and its trials and tribulations. And just like Bad Bunny, who leaps right back onto happy and sultry tunes, you music and summer loving people can also go from a soft, melodic tune (abour heartache, yes) back onto a happy, jolly, sunny and hot dancing adventure.

Sin Pijama by Becky G, Natti Natasha

We’re ending off this list with a great summer track performed by two extremely talented and strong women. Becky G and Natti Natasha have each carved a name for themselves in the traditionally male-dominated reggaeton genre, and this song is a great way to cement their superstar status and take them to another level— I mean, 400 million people watching this video in less than 2 months since its release can’t be wrong, right? This song is perfect for a girls day or night out, or in! You and all your girlfriends can sing and dance along to this track perfectly suited for the summer.