Man caves are a common feature of many a household in North America. In the modern man-cave it’s not at all uncommon to find the wall-to-wall flat screen TVs, sophisticated home audio systems and surround sound, the latest video-gaming consoles, a well-stocked bar, the obligatory mini-fridge and if spacious enough you might even find ping pong, pool or air hockey tables. Oh, and I almost forgot: the mandatory recliner chair. If you have one of those, you’re probably greeting the man of the house only in passing once in a blue moon, as down he goes to “get away from it all” after a hard day at work. And you probably never see him on weekends. But let me tell you something, boys: whatever you men do, women can do not only better, but a lot of the times much, much prettier. So is the case for the latest trend in renovation: the She-Sheds.

A She-Shed is a phenomenon that’s starting to make a lot of noise in the Home and Garden renovation circles: it literally is, as the name indicates, an actual shed, a space in the backyard traditionally used to store gardening equipment, wheel-barrels, tools and the like, and it’s now being converted into a private space where women can abandon themselves in whatever passions and hobbies they most desire. It is a space away from the house you can escape to get away from it all and be surrounded by the things every woman loves and where she can get lost a little selfishly but most often well deservedly so into creating, doing yoga, painting, writing, reading…whatever it is they’re passionate about and they wish to do in solitude and peace.

For nature lovers and outdoorsy types, the beauty of the She-Shed, in total contrast to the usually dark and gloomy man-cave (where you can often hear the man saying “turn the lights off!”), is that it is a space away from the house and actually outside— a sort of getaway space from the confines of the house without having to actually leave it. Even our Canadian winters should not be a deterrent for having a nice, warm and cozy space: you can always bring in a heater and a hot cup of coffee. A She-Shed is easily becoming a must-have in any house, and many women are hiring contractors to build their dream space, while more adventurous and handy ones could even— why not?— try to build them themselves. Check out Lowe’s instructional video on how to build one from the ground up. If there is already a shed in the house, that makes it a whole lot easier and it’s just a matter of doing some crafty renovations (a nice summer project) to the space and voila, you have your very own She-Shed.

And as the trend grows, don’t be too surprised if you start to see She-Shed spaces in Home & Garden shows all over. In fact, I would encourage you to find some, to find inspiration in how you want your very own she-shed to look and get a feel for it (you may not want to leave, however). And in a world where you can always find inspiration on literally anything through the magic of the internet, check out some really cool and inspiring spaces put together by Tip Hero and Pop Sugar magazines.


Image Courtesy of Pop Sugar


Image Courtesy of Pop Sugar


Image Courtesy of Tip Hero


Image Courtesy of Tip Hero

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