(The Farrucas Duo performing at Pickering’s City Centre Farmers’ Market on June 19, 2018. Video courtesy: Sukaina Jamil/Alma Latina Online Magazine)

The Farrucas Duo with a side of delicious eats? Count us in!

Did you know that the City of Pickering holds a City Centre Farmers’ Market every summer? The market runs from June until October, taking place every Tuesday from 8:00 AM until 2:30 PM. It is located on the Esplanade South, just across the street from the Pickering Town Centre. This Tuesday, June 19, the event was extra special with the Farrucas Latin Duo performing in between for a few hours!

The market features vendors from all across Durham Region, and even Scarborough. The merchants sell anything from food and drinks to art and clothes. The wide variety of homemade jams, hot sauces and chutneys, along with a side of crackers to try them with, from The Joy of Harvest were a huge standout at the event. I tried the honey mustard hot sauce and the pumpkin hot sauce, and it’s safe to say that my mouth was on fire in the best way possible! Great flavours combined with the inexplicable heat of scotch bonnet peppers left me satisfied with tears in my eyes. There was also delicious, freshly popped kettle corn from Ben’s Kettle Corn, with an aroma of caramel surrounding their stall. Other highlights included vendors selling fresh, organic vegetables and plants along with many selling other homemade products!

Market attendees peruse their options at some dessert stalls at the Pickering City Centre Farmers’ Market. Photo: Sukaina Jamil/Alma Latina Online Magazine

Each vendor would greet guests with smiling faces and insist that everyone try out a free sample, whether it seemed like they would buy something or not. The owners of Kiss My Bees Honey, a company selling fresh honey, soaps and lip balms, shared the story of how they are a family-run business just outside of Oshawa – with their daughter making the soaps and them supplying the ingredients. Everything was homemade and created with lots of passion and hard work. Their compelling stories and welcoming gestures somehow roped me into buying a bar of soap for my dad, I just couldn’t resist!

This cute chalkboard drawing accurately reflects the service at the Kiss My Bees Honey market stall. (Photo: Sukaina Jamil/Alma Latina Online Magazine)

The event organizers have labelled each Tuesday throughout the next few months with different themes. I was lucky to have attended this past Tuesday, June 19, because it was Food Truck day! The trucks that were there truly reflected the diversity of the city and Durham region, with the 6 Spice Rack offering up a menu of delicious, intricately seasoned foods such as jerk maple-glazed pork ribs, and Naansense providing customers with Indian-Western fusion foods like fried butter chicken mac and cheese. Of course, it isn’t a real food truck party without some Latin food, and La Fiesta was there to serve! The truck specialized in Ecuadorian cuisine and was serving items such as paella and empanadas.

What food truck event is complete without some Latin flare? (Photo: Sukaina Jamil/Alma Latina Online Magazine)

Food trucks were not the only reason that this Tuesday was special. Even though there was an amazing (and delicious) environment being made from vendors and food trucks, what brought it all together was the music! An enticing and very special performance by the Farrucas Duo during the market was everything any visitor would want. The upbeat, soulful Latin music put everyone in a great mood, there was even a baby dancing! The husband-and-wife duo truly did the Latin music scene proud during their performance at an already beautiful and diverse event. Their expert use of instruments, mouth percussions and harmonious singing voices created a wonderful environment that made me just want to sit there in the sun and listen to them for hours!

The Farrucas Duo in the flesh! The event would not have been complete without their beautiful music. (Photo: Sukaina Jamil/Alma Latina Online Magazine)

All-in-all, it was a beautiful Tuesday and we at Alma Latina Online Magazine strongly recommend for anyone in and out of Durham Region to check the Pickering Farmers’ Market out this summer! You can see a list of the market schedule here. For more information about the Farrucas Duo and to listen to their beautiful music, click here.

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