For most people, ideal cities to live in in Canada usually look something like Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary or even Winnipeg. It is not often that smaller municipalities come to mind when one thinks about where to work, play and live. However, did you know that Durham Region’s very own city of Oshawa has consistently ranked in the top few spots of the best places to find work in all of Canada?


It’s true! According to the Huffington Post, Oshawa has consistently been a top ranker throughout the past few years, always managing to rise back up whenever it faces a drop.


Photo courtesy: CTV News


The statistics come from the Bank of Montreal’s Labour Market Report Card, which shows that as of April 2018, Oshawa is ranked in third place of the top 10 cities to find a job in Canada. Back in October 2017, it was at #8, meaning that it climbed up five places within six months. Go Oshawa!


City News reported in 2016 that Oshawa was the number one place to find work in Canada, meaning that it may have dropped a bit since then. However, it remains in the top five and will hopefully continue to!


This fact is a matter of pride for Oshawa residents, and also for citizens across Durham Region. It’s always nice to see the cities in our region thriving and being known for great things on a national level! It was a welcome surprise to see Toronto at the sixth position on the list as well.


It’s clear that Oshawa isn’t just a great place to find work, but it is also an ideal place to live! According to MoneySense, the top two neighbourhoods to live in within Durham Region are in Oshawa, with the city popping up another two times within the first 10 on the list — in fourth and ninth place. More affordable living and better job opportunities? What a gem within our region.


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