Alma Latina Online Magazine held its first “Networking Breakfast” event this past Friday at the Main Branch of the Ajax Public Library. Our first networking breakfast was an opportunity to introduce the current Alma Latina team and to present our short and long term plans to kickstart our community-building efforts for the foreseeable future.

Recent statistics show that Durham Region is comprised of approximately 80% small to medium size businesses and during the event we discussed how it is not just our hope but our goal to partner with and foster lasting relationships with business owners, service providers and stakeholders in highlighting Durham Region and everything this beautiful area of Ontario has to offer. Alma Latina’s Founder and Publisher as well as our in-house Reporter and Content Editor discussed in a short presentation the ways in which Alma Latina, as a diverse voice in the media landscape based east of the city, aims to play in promoting and showcasing Durham Region as a a great place to live, work and play.

During this, our first small networking effort, we also had the opportunity to hear from a small group of service providers and community members about what they had hoped to get out of hearing our online magazine short presentation. As a group, we all had the opportunity to learn about what the role each of the event’s attendees and the organizations they represent play within the community, and how we can join forces and work together to strengthen our efforts in making our diverse community stronger and better connected.

It was a good and easy conversation which gave our team good fuel to continue creating networking opportunities, as we hope this will be the first of many networking events we will be holding in the foreseeable future. In the meantime, Alma Latina will continue creating content that, as our Mission Statement reads, aims to bring together the Hispanic community (and especially those who live in Durham Region) and the local community at large, as we continue to explore events, places, arts, music and all the greatness Hispanic Culture and Durham Region have to offer. Stay tuned for more networking events to come!