After a rather long hiatus– where we took the time to pursue other paths– we come back to you, our dear and rather neglected readers, hoping to keep bringing you some of the good stuff we have been bringing you for over five years now, but this time with a more re-focused and succinct perspective.

There’s a saying in Spanish that goes “El Que Mucho Abarca Poco Aprieta”, loosely translating into either “Don’t bite off more than you can chew” or “Jack of all trades, master of none.” Even though Alma Latina Online Magazine, from its inception, always attempted to be the voice of our small (but growing at ginormous steps) Latin community in Durham Region and by extension the GTA, it became a rather overwhelming endeavour for a small group (sometimes of one or two people) because of all the wonderful events, people, places and soooo much more that we could write constantly about, and we kind of lost focus of what the initial point of the blog was. This is what I said in my initial Editorial: “I start my Blog today wanting and hoping to continue to write and inform, but at the same time hoping to grow and learn about myself, my peers and fellow Hispanics, the community I live in and the country I’ve come to call my second home. The journey starts today and I hope to share it with all of you: learning, growing but also entertaining and having fun along the way.” But somewhere along the way the journey took me to too many places– literally biting off more than I could chew– and the fun, entertaining aspect of the experience started to get lost in the shuffle. Plus life was also happening on the sidelines.

At this juncture, we are hoping to regain focus and purpose, aiming to move away from past mistakes and reinvent ourselves into something more casual, more informal but always just as informative and above all fun.

Thank the Good Lord up above for social media, because those tools have allowed us to never waver in our mission to inform you on many a thing that could and would be of interest to you, our dear Durham Region and Hispanic communities. Our original mission and mandate from our inception was to “serve Spanish-speaking Durham Region residents and non-Spanish speakers who love Hispanic culture. It is our intention to be a bridge between Hispanics who live east of the city, and to highlight Durham Region as a destination to live, work and play, hoping to bring you information on everything this wonderful part of the GTA has to offer. At the same time we want to highlight elements of our heritage (language, music, food, arts, etc) to the thousands of non-Spanish speakers who love Hispanic culture and all the greatness it has to offer and who constantly express an eagerness and a desire to learn more about it.”

That mission and mandate have never faltered. “Alma Latina or “Latin Soul”, its literal translation, has sought to be more than an advertising vehicle in the vast landscape that is the Canadian media: instead we constantly strive to be a place where both Hispanics and non-Hispanics can find top quality, well-researched, informative and timely original content in both English and Spanish.” And because we are now consecutively pursuing other very worthwhile endeavours (more to come on this soon), we will try to keep it light, keep it fun, but always keep it relevant and educational (without forgetting our beloved and oh-so-necessary fluff…like, who doesn’t want to know who JLo is dating atm or when Jelena is getting back together…riiiight?). But for that you can always head on over to our social media: Our Facebook Page, AlmaLatina On Facebook, our Twitter Account: AlmaLatinaMag and our Instagram Feed: Alma Latina Mag.

And in here? We’ll start bringing you once again relevant content to our Durham Region residents and all of you who love everything us fiery Latinos have to offer. Let’s reconnect and get to know each other a little bit better once again! Stay tuned!